Christopher Nemelka’s Purpose for Writing the Sealed Portion

The following quotes are taken from Christopher Nemelka from his BlogTalkRadio interview with Bryce Blankenagel of “Naked Mormon Podcast Live” on 4/16/17. Christopher Nemelka is the founder of the “Humanity Party” and the “Marvelous Work and a Wonder” organization. He gained some level of fame when Ida Smith, the great-great granddaughter of Hyrum Smith, was converted from her LDS faith (and excommunicated) to believe Nemelka’s teachings after reading his supposed translation of The Sealed Portion: The Final Testament of Jesus Christ (see Ida went to her grave believing that Nemelka was the reincarnated Hyrum Smith, and that he was visited by the resurrected Joseph Smith and given the means to produce the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon referenced in Ether 4. These comments will be posted as they were originally stated without any commentary at this time because the words speak for themselves. A link to the video can be found at and the exchange begins roughly at 1:52:25 of the broadcast.

(Caller Jared): “I don’t know anything about you, Chris. How did your book come to be? How can we trust you over any other first-hand accounts that Bryce studies and presents on his show. You said that your book [Without Disclosing My True Identity: The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.] has power, but how can we verify that what it says is true without personally trusting you or diverting…to faith that can’t really be tested or proven to be true. And to kind of get on the end of what Anthony said, if you specifically said something that was a lie…like how can we trust that what you’re now telling him is the truth if he is a follower?

(Christopher Nemelka): “The only thing that I’m telling him that is the truth, is that it was all a lie. That everything that Joseph Smith did was based on trying to get people to disbelieve the lie of the Bible. The whole purpose of the sealed portion and my work is to get people to disbelieve the lie of the Book of Mormon. Okay? We don’t care anymore about whether people think I’m a liar or a charlatan or whatever. I’ve done exactly what Joseph Smith did.”

(Bryce Blankenagel): “I think that everyone else in the world cares if you’re a liar”

(Christopher Nemelka): “I don’t care, it doesn’t matter because the people who wrote the Bible were liars. They were liars. But we’re coming out with a complete disclosure of what I know, what happened in 1987 to my brain. What happened to my brain happened to Joseph Smith’s brain. Okay? We went crazy, instantly. We had to develop a story eventually that fit into the paradigm of our families and our traditions and everything else. But in a moment in our lives, our minds were opened up – I don’t want to say enlightenment because that tends to be logical – where our minds were opened up to a reality about human existence that most people have no idea about. And based on that instantaneous thing that happened to our brain – it took Joseph…it took him a few years until people kind of helped him do what he did, it took me a lot longer until I finally agreed to do the lie, to do the lie to get people out of the LDS church which was the only purpose for the lie folks. There was no other purpose”


2 thoughts on “Christopher Nemelka’s Purpose for Writing the Sealed Portion

  1. I Believe all you have said was for reaching t get people to make good u z e of their. Thoughts. As in Hebrew. The thought occurred to ME. Bless yo Brkther for all you ha e gone through in all your Books. OF. Lives. Sorry. About my thumb messing the words up I Believe Christ sent you all times not just now. Thanks to Mothers and Fathers too. Hope to meet you.

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